Saturday, September 13, 2014

LAQ August Banquet- Group Quilts and Paint Chip Challenge

  Our Guild features
Group quilts worked on members from our guild.  In August, all eligible members of the guild and an extra ticket for those who worked on the quilt get tossed in a hat.  The only catch to winning is you must organize next year's quilt!!

What beautiful work!

Our banquet this summer was held in the Town of Medary shelter on a beautiful evening.  Everyone enjoyed the games and picnic potluck.

After Group quilts we had our guild challenge.  This year's challenge had record participation!!  The challenge was to make a quilt of any size and use paint chips to match the colors.  Three paint chips- one for each initial in your name- must have colors that matched fabric, and one hand sewn item (button, handwork, etc.) 
There was such great variety!!

There was such variety- small wall hangings, purses, bags, book covers, full sized quilts and more.  Our group was so creative!!

Amazed to see how well everyone matched the paint chips to fabric too.

Below you will see the announcements- the voting was extremely close!

The Winners of the Paint Chip Challenge!

 What a talented group of people who can make such artistic and beautiful work!


   Enjoying activities and delicious food and great company.
Checking out the amazing group quilts

Don't forget to join us at the Day's Hotel on French Island Sept. 23rd.  Stephanie R and Jean C have some exciting 9 patches they will be showing off at the September 23rd meeting. They will be showing us many many ways of using a 9 patch. This is exciting stuff do not want to miss this meeting!